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Maybe you see a page like this or youíve heard that ďincredibleĒ voice somewhere and are wondering just what it takes to be a New York voice talent, narrator or announcer.

Like the old saying, ďHow do you get to Carnegie Hall (New York!)? --- Practice, practice, practice,Ē getting yourself into the voice over world takes constant practice and patience. For most of us professional talents (announcers and narrators included), it starts out as a sideline or a hobby. If we stick with it long enough and keep perfecting our craft (practice!), being a part-time New York voice over talent can be rewarding.

Voice over New York, awesome voice-overs, and fantastic New York voice talent. This piece provided by Voice Over New York.

New York narrator demos for video and audiobooks and voice talent samples. Professional New York announcer, experienced voiceover actor. None of this is meant to discourage you if interested in doing voice over work in New York City. Itís a lot of fun and a creative outlet, but it isnít simply going out and getting a job at the local burger joint (which can be very rewarding too, especially if you like burgers ... I do!). Donít make the mistake of assuming youíll score a voiceover gig immediately --- you wonít. Take myself, for example ... I started my New York voice over and audio production business way back in 2003 (as an announcer and a narrator, too) and took a while to get enough clients to make it a full-time job.

First things first. Donít be too concerned about the actual nature of your particular voice. { New York voiceover } All voice types get jobs. Itís true! Think about it ... it would be boring if all voice-overs were the same, wouldnít it? Next, make a decent demo. Nobody will hire you if they canít hear you, right? Right. If you already have access to a studio, great. If you donít, hire one! Thereís always one in your state or city somewhere.

As you expose yourself (YIKES! Not on the New York subway!) more and more with time, youíll slowly start to see a bigger and bigger trickle of New York voice over jobs, announcing gigs and narration projects coming your way.


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